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Income Tax  | Prime Resource Group Inc.

Tax season is never a carefree time, for anyone. At Prime Resource Group, Inc., our goal is to supply the best results and the least amount of...

Financial Planner  | Prime Resource Group Inc.

Nothing is more important to us at Prime Resource Group than making sure you have an honest and proficient financial planner ready to work with...

Mortgage Services  | Prime Resource Group Inc.

We like to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and sensible mortgage services. We make sure to use up-to-date technology and...

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We at Prime Resource Group, Inc. are pleased to offer you our professional and experienced services specializing in income tax preparation, financial planning, and mortgage services. Our offices are located in Moreno Valley, CA, but we will happily help you no matter where you are from or where you live.

We understand the importance of security in order for us to live without stress or anxiety. We provide assistance as financial planners so you can have a clear and organized way to achieve your goals within a well-structured, reasonable, and efficient manner – and most importantly so that you can do so with confidence as you continue to invest in your life.

At its core, we know that having your taxes complete and finished correctly are an integral part of maintaining your finances. Whether it’s simple income taxes or various and complex business and home investments, it is important to make sure you get all the deductions and liabilities accounted for so you can live without all the tension that taxes can impose on someone.

And we know that home and property are one of the most important things you can invest in, so we offer you our experienced and comprehensive mortgage services. When you work with us, you get sound consultations on how to invest, avenues of structuring, and methods of assessing and refinancing. Our goal is to set you up with a firm mortgage plan that benefits you, your family, and your businesses in the clearest and most manageable way possible.

We also keep in mind that life events may happen, and sometimes suddenly. Therefore, we incorporate all possible scenarios into our financial planning, income tax preparation, and mortgage services. Sometimes a life event is simply accounted for in your taxes. Other times, it may drastically alter your fiscal security. When we work together, we account for any major possibilities in your future and how you can best plan for them.